Week of January 25, 2004

Building America

The National Building Museum presents Building America at www.building-america.org. The evolution of architecture affects the way people view work, recreation, transportation and relaxation. Read essays about cultural diversity and American building, the impact of cars on the built environment and other topics of modern-day architecture. For centuries, architecture was not an organized profession. The four timelines touch on defining points in the recent history of architecture. (This site is no longer available.)

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When was construction of the Astrodome completed?



What crop was prominent in Kansas before wheat?



Who is the foremother of all cows in Hinduism?



Bringing in the Harvest

The Wheat People of Kansas celebrate the harvest at www.kshs.org/ exhibits/wheat/wheat.htm. From preparing the combine to selling at market, the harvest season is an exciting time each year. Hail and storms can severely damage crops, so farmers work long hours to harvest their wheat as soon as it is ripe. First-hand accounts from farm hands tell of the ups and downs of bringing in the harvest and show how growing wheat is both a profitable business and a labor of love for many families.

Stories of an Indian God

Go on an adventure with a Hindu god when you hear Stories of Krishna at www.seattleartmuseum. org/exhibit/interactives/intimateWorlds/enter.asp. Krishna is the incarnation of the Hindu god Vishnu. Nine paintings tell the story of how Krishna became a demon-slaying hero who interacted with gods and mortals. The paintings depict Krishna in many stages of his life, including his romance with the beautiful cow-herder Radha. After hearing the stories, the card game will test your knowledge of the characters in Krishna’s intimate world.

What do you think of
the new $20 bills?


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What to Read?

The ability to read is a blessing that many of us take for granted. Not everyone in this world learns to read. It may seem like a chore when we have to read a bunch of pages from a textbook, but reading books that we choose is fun. Here are some sites about authors and illustrators of books for kids. Check out their work online. Then head to the library and choose the one you want.


Lois Lowry

Russell Freedman

Tony DiTerlizzi

Jerry Pinkney
http://friend.ly.net/users/jorban/biographies/pinkneyjerry (This site is no longer available.)


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