Week of January 18, 2004

Extreme Abyss

Dive into the Mission to the Abyss at www.ceoe.udel.edu/extreme2002. You’ll learn about the crew that discovered the coexistence of hydrothermal vents and the Pompeii worm. Tubeworms and vent crabs are two other underwater dwellers found in Creature Features. The team uses high-tech tools, such as submersible Alvin, to conduct research underwater. Read about daily discoveries and plate tectonics when you click on Seafloor Geology. Also, you can try extreme experiments designed by kids.

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How deep is the deepest point in the ocean?

4 miles
7 miles
10 miles


What is the oldest known area of human habitation in North America?

Mississippi Valley


In which national park can you find bald eagles?
Acadia National Park
Grand Canyon National Park
Shenandoah National Park



Arts of Native America

Have you ever closed your eyes and wished you were Surrounded by Beauty? At www.artsmia.org/
, keep your eyes open so that you can admire beautiful Native American artwork. Finely detailed totem poles and masks stand tall along the Northwest Coast. Animal hide paintings depict life of the Plains Indians. And the Southwest nations make elegant jewelry, baskets and pottery.

Into the Wild

If you are dying to visit a national park, look no further than WebRangers, by the National Park Service, at www.nps.gov/ webrangers. Take the WebRanger pledge to preserve and not intrude on nature. Then sign your WebRanger card on the dotted line and head out for activities organized by age. When you decode the Great Smokey Moun-tains Rebus, you’ll learn unusual facts about animals and plants in the wilderness. RangerZone is a great place to locate national parks across the United States.

What do you do
when someone bullies you
or someone you know?

Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: Why do you need an e-mail address in order to e-mail someone?
— Vianca, Round Lake, Ill.

Dear Vianca: Your e-mail address is different than all other e-mail addresses in the world. Your mail server and the user name you choose allow other servers to identify your account. They also allow your mail server to recognize you when you sign in to send an e-mail to your grandparents. The server checks for the “To” e-mail address and sends a signal through the Internet looking for the server that hosts your grandparents’ account.

In non-cyber terms, if you want to send a letter to your grandparents, you put it in the mailbox. This is like clicking “send.” The postman knows that your mailbox exists because your address is included in his list of addresses that he’s supposed to visit. The postman is like the server, your mailbox is like your account inbox and your home address is like your e-mail address. If the postman didn’t have your address listed, he’d never pick up or deliver your mail.

If you want to get an e-mail address, try Yahoo! Family Accounts at http://family.yahoo.com. You’ll find tips for using e-mail safely, and both you and your parents can create accounts.

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