Week of December 7, 2003

Expressing Feelings With Art

The Ateneum for Children at the Finnish National Gallery at www.fng.fi/fng/html4/ en/ateneum/children/cont is a collection of artwork that portrays human feelings. This joyful painting by Hugo Simberg shows parts of the world that are seen only with the heart and imagination. A sculpture of Andromeda by Johannes Takanen displays the princess in her solitude. Other works depict sorrow, companionship and compassion.

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Which painter, whose painting depicted joy, used a doll as a model for children?

Magnus von Wright
Vilho Lampi
Albert Edelfelt


What weather characteristic made a day good for a buffalo hunt?

no wind
cloudy skies
light rain


When was Bhubing Palace built?



Stories From Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan history comes to life when you travel through The Time Machine at www.saskstories.ca. Stories about buffalo hunts and the gathering lifestyle of natives are in First Peoples. In The Fur Trade, you’ll meet 14-year-old Jacques, who traveled along the Churchill River searching for the finest furs. Read about the hardships that early settlers faced crossing the prairie at the turn of the 20th century. Stories of growth and change in Saskatchewan help explain how it became the province that it is today.

Royal Abodes of Thailand

Step into four royally magnificent Palaces of the King at www.palaces.thai.net. At the Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand, enter the Chapel Royal of the Emerald Buddha. You’ll marvel at its architectural detailing and stunning statues. Inside Dusit Maha Prasat Hall you will find a mother-of-pearl throne. Visit the Bang Pa-In Palace to see it reflect beautifully in the water around it. Then feel the serenity of the gardens that surround the Bhubing Palace.

If you could have a
super power, what would it be
and what would you do?

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Winter SADness

The end of the year brings time with family, holiday celebrations and a long break from school. However, studies show that the number of people with depression increases at this time of the year. The National Mental Health Association attributes this increase to a condition called Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD.

Melatonin is a sleep-related hormone produced in the pineal gland, which responds to exposure to light. Researchers believe that the decreased amount of day-light in the winter causes the pineal gland to release increased amounts of melatonin, leaving people feeling tired and sluggish.

Light therapy is one treatment for SAD. One hour of natural sunlight has about the same positive affect as 2 1/2 hours of artificial light. After treatment, people feel energized and happier. The fact that light therapy is drug-free makes it a great treatment for SAD, and it’s a treatment that people can do on their own. Increasing one’s activity and maintaining a regular sleep schedule also help keep people healthy and happy. Check out www.nmha.org/index.cfm?
for more about SAD.

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