Week of November 2, 2003

In-Between Years

If you’re stuck between childhood and teen years, then check out Preteen Planet, a site just for 9- to 13-year-olds, at www.preteenplanet.com. These transition years are the focus of the original comic strip “No Rodeo.” Check out games such as Celebrity Simon and Pinball. At the Launch Pad you can speak your mind. Preteen Planet says, “If you can dream it, then achieve it,” so find out how to be a volunteer or an entrepreneur. To stay in-the-know about everything from sports to fashion, read the Planet News. (This site is no longer available.)

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How many teens volunteer annually?

8 million
12 million
13 million


What two colors are found in a lapis lazuli stone?

blue and gold
red and orange
blue and silver


How long have indigenous people occupied Australia?
12,000 years
25,000 years
60,000 years



Eternal Egypt

Do you want to live forever? Teleport to Eternal Egypt, at http://archive.fieldmuseum. org/eternalegypt to see how the Egyptians did it, or at least how they thought they did. Look through an archeologist’s dig diary and sift for clues to solve the stela, a large slab of rock inscribed with magical prayers. Stick around to see stunning tomb art and read how religion inspired Egyptians to create extravagant funerary masks in Gold and the Gods.

Indigenous Aussies

Discover Indigenous Australia and its cultural heritage at http://australianmuseum.net.au/Stories-of-the-Dreaming. Prior to 1788, indigenous people were the only humans living in Australia. They had no written word, so they told stories to educate their children. You can read some of their stories, such as Eaglehawk and Crow, and Emu and the Jabiru. Also find out about their struggles to retain ownership of their families’ lands. Then tour the virtual museum and view ancient artifacts from down under.

Should politicians take time off while in office to raise
re-election funds?

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Thanksgiving’s Importance

Americans celebrate Thanksgiving this month. Like many holidays, Thanksgiving is surrounded by tradition. There are common ones, such as eating pumpkin pie, and there are family-specific ones. My cousins and I have an annual Spades tournament. These traditions make the day fun, but appreciating their origin makes them meaningful.

We know the story of Native Americans helping the Pilgrims during their first winter, but the Pilgrims didn’t begin celebrating Thanksgiving the following year. In fact, if you read about Thanksgiving’s history at http://plimoth.org/kids/homeworkHelp/
, you’ll learn that it didn’t become an annual holiday until 1863.

Understanding the holiday is important, but take it a step further and understand the traditions behind it. That Spades tournament with my cousins is a big energy fest where we share wild and crazy stories and tease each other enough to make up for lost time. I can eat pumpkin pie all year, but my cousins aren’t always around. I love them dearly, and spending time with them is what makes Thanksgiving important to me.

— Amy

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