Week of October 19, 2003

Aussie Critter

Enter the lair of the mysterious Bunyips at www.nla.gov.au/ exhibitions/bunyips, but only if you dare! Bunyips are supernatural creatures in the folklore of Australia’s aborigines. Some say they have long necks and sharp teeth. View evidence of a one-eyed skull that may prove the existence of bunyips. Many Australians have tried to represent the bunyip in art and even theater. You’ll find some examples in Imagination. Get your creativity flowing in the Bunyip Lab and create your own version of the fearsome creature.

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What bird might be the real source of bunyip noises?

Yellow Canary
Blue Jay
Brown Bittern


To whom should you report claims of abduction by extraterrestrials?



What is another name for bigfoot?
Hairy Man



Of Otherworldly Origin

Keep an eye on the sky because you might be Kidnapped by UFOs at www.pbs.org/wgbh/ nova/aliens. You’ll find interviews with believers and skeptics. Budd Hopkins explains his daytime UFO sighting on Cape Cod. Paul Horowitz, a physicist at Harvard University, discusses methods to contact extraterrestrials, such as using a radio telescope. Hover over the case of a woman who was seen floating with three aliens below a UFO near the Brooklyn Bridge.

What’s Your Shoe Size?

Catch up with the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization at www.bfro.net. Dr. Jane Goodall and other primate experts comment on the possible existence of this mysterious primate. An extensive database lists North American bigfoot sightings. Study three different photographs that give us the clearest views we have of this upright phenomenon. You can learn about two men’s search for bigfoot in the Chuska Mountains of New Mexico. Then gather tips for collecting your own evidence.

What’s your favorite
scary movie?

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A Ghoulishly Good Time

Halloween is slowly creeping up on us, so I’ve gathered a list of sites about this creepy, freaky holiday. From the history of Halloween to carving an awesome jack-o’-lantern to scary stories to tell your friends, these sites are sure to get you in a ghoulish frame of mind.

The History of Halloween

Pumpkin Carving 101

www.scary.com (This site is no longer available.)

The Nightmare Room

The Moonlit Road


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