Week of October 5, 2003

World of Money

Spend a little time in the World of Money at www.britishmuseum.org/
. You’ll learn about the forms and uses of money throughout history. If you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck, do a little research about what you can do to save some cash. It has been said that money makes the world go round. Decide for yourself if that’s true when you read how money affects people’s beliefs, art and politics in Money and Society. Also, read about people who study coins.

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What is the name for people who study coins?



What is a menhir?

an extinct animal
a vegetable
a large, standing stone


Where does a torpedo get the energy that propels it through water?
engine or batteries
initial applied force
magnetic attraction to target



European Tales

Enter a realm of magic and mischief at www.europeoftales.net. Five guides, including Korrig the dancing dwarf, take you through A Europe of Tales. In Finland, read how crafty Lemminkäinen skied after a magical moose. Roberto leads you on a tour of Italy’s Madonna shrines. Colorful animations show how an old hag’s white, plaid shawl became Scotland’s first snow of winter. An Icelandic story tells how Thor, the god of thunder, lowered his pride to reclaim his missing hammer.

Subs You Can’t Eat

Get ready to dive into the deep, blue ocean. At
you’ll learn about Fast Attacks & Boomers: Submarines in the Cold War. Find out how the construction and anatomy of a nuclear submarine makes the vessel operate quietly, swiftly and independently. Operating a submarine is a challenge. Officers on board must be familiar with the attack center and sonar room and the power and propulsion of submarines. When you resurface, see what life is like on shore for submariners.

Do kids spend enough
time reading outside of
the classroom?

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Where Does the Time Go?

At the start of the school year, I set goals for myself and plan how to achieve them. But once class is in full swing, sometimes I lose sight of my goals and neglect them. I can’t brush off my projects at school or my responsibilities at work because people are counting on me to do my part. However, developing my drawing skills and keeping up with current events are goals that fall by the wayside. So how do I stay on top of everything? I re-evaluate my time management.

The Center for Advancement of Learning at Muskingum College has information about time management at www.muskingum.edu
. This site is created for college students, but the information applies to everybody. It suggests that a person examine how she utilizes her time, order her priorities from most to least important and set realistic goals with reasonable timeframes. Also she should set goals with friends, who will help her stay motivated.

These suggestions seem like common sense to me, but I suppose we all need a little help keeping our acts together. Check out the site and see what you can do to make things run more smoothly in your life.

— Amy

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