Week of June 29, 2003

Wacky Uses

Did you know washing your hair with mouthwash could cure dandruff? Discover Joey Green’s Wackyuses.com at www.wackyuses.com. Wacky experimenter Joey Green lists dozens of uses for items you can find in a cabinet or closet. You can submit a wacky use of your own to win a free book or read trivia behind products such as sun block and toothbrushes. Who knew that astronauts used Silly Putty to keep their tools from floating off? Be sure to check with your parents if you want to try any of these crazy ideas. (Disclaimer: This site now contains advertisements.)

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What university started throwing Frisbees in the 1940s?

University of Texas


Mycologists are professionals who
study what?



In banking terms, what is a CD?
compound debt
compound deposit
certificate of deposit



Detecting Microbes

Focus your microscope and join Sam Sleuth as
he is Stalking the Mysterious Microbe at www.microbe.org. You’ll learn about the parts of bacterium and helpful fungi such as yeast. Bacteria are among Earth’s oldest creatures. Some bacteria fossils date back more than 3.5 billion years. The lab isn’t the only place to find microbes. They’re everywhere, including your hands. Find out how to combat bacteria and stay healthy. Then try a few hands-on experiments. (This site is no longer available.)

Invest, Save or Spend?

Stock up on economics knowledge as you explore Planet Orange at www.orangekids.com. This site will teach you about using money, so pay close attention. At the Stock Bayou, you’ll learn about the stock market and how to invest wisely. Traveling to a foreign country soon? Get ahead of the game with knowledge about exchange rates. You can even view pictures of foreign currency. Also learn about inflation, bank accounts and interest rates. You’ll find a wealth of knowledge at this site.

Should schools have
smoking areas for legal-aged student smokers?

Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: How do I decide which mp3 player is right for me?
– Mangal, Mumbai, India

Dear Mangal: To choose an mp3 player for yourself, first decide what your priorities are. How much music do you want to have at the tip of your ears at one time? How much are you willing to spend? Do you want something simple or something with lots of features? Once you’ve hammered out the details, you’re ready to do your research. Try going to www.cnet.com and checking out mp3 players in the music section. You can read product reviews from CNET writers as well as user recommendations and comments. With a little research to guide your decision, you’ll be jammin’ to your favorite tunes in no time.

Dear Amy: What does it mean to HotSync your PDA to your PC?
— On, Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Dear On: HotSync is software that is used to update the data in your PDA and your computer. Your PDA connects to your computer through its cradle. The most recent data in each is transferred from one to the other so that they are synchronized. You can also transfer data just one way. Check out http://electronics.howstuffworks .com/gadgets/travel/pda1.htm for more info.

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