Week of June 15, 2003

Egypt’s Greek Lady

Cleopatra was not very pretty, but she was powerful. Learn about this lady’s role in Alex-andrian history with Cleopatra of Egypt: From History to Myth at http://archive. fieldmuseum.org/cleopatra/ cleopatra.html. Cleopatra learned to write and speak Egyptian so that she could rule over Egypt. Discover why she formed alliances with Julius Caesar and Mark Antony, and learn why Octavian disliked her. Also play the Portrait of Cleopatra puzzle. It’s a fun way to see if you’ve got what it takes to be a Field Museum archaeologist.

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What was Cleopatra's first language?



How many constelations are there?



What is a common artifact-dating method scientists use today?
Carbon 2
Carbon 8
Carbon 14



Ten, Nine, Eight ...

Blast off with Arty the Part-time Astronaut at www.artyastro.com/ artyastro.htm. While exploring the site, go on your own adventure and see the nine planets in our solar system. But watch where you’re going so that you can slow down and play Moon Worm and the other games. Then cool your jets long enough to print out your own star cruiser paper airplane. If you think Arty the Part-time Astronaut is space-o-riffic, tell your friends about him with galactic mail.

Bogged Down With Bog People

In the darkness of a bog, objects appear: antlers, leather shoes and a strange stone temple. These are signs of The Mysterious Bog People of Northwest Europe at www.bogpeople.org. Spin the wheel at the bottom of the screen to move to different locations. You can travel back thousands of years and take an interactive tour of the bog. Head over to Science to learn how scientists put together all the evidence that you sift through to uncover the mystery of the bog people.

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Sports Minus the Ball

Name five sports that don’t use a ball. Can you do it? Fencing, skiing, bobsleding, archery and rowing are ball-less sports. Learn a little bit about each by visiting the sites below. Go on and have a ball, or not.

Fencing Online

Colorado Ski Museum Ski Hall of Fame: General Skiing History
www.vailsoft.com/museum/historyUS.html (This site is no longer available.)

An Introduction and History to Bobsleigh

About USA Archery

A Brief History of Rowing

(The first three sites are no longer available.)


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