Week of March 23, 2003

Southern Culture Documented

Time spent at Beyond Face Value: Depictions of Slavery in Confederate Currency at www.cwc.lsu.edu/cwc/BeyondFaceValue is worth every note. This online exhibit is composed of paper currency from Southern states including Georgia, Kentucky and Louisiana. The bills circulated before, during and after the Civil War. They depict the economic, political and social environment of the South at that time. You’ll discover why this currency illustrated slavery as you learn about fractional notes, sight draft and overprint.

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The Industrial Revolution enabled the North to prosper in what area?



What is the length of a day on Jupiter?

13 hours, 5 minutes
27 hours, 17 minutes
9 hours, 48 minutes


When were the first roller skates invented?



Multiplication Mission

Improve your math skills and learn about the solar system with Multiflyer, an interactive game at www.brainormous.com/ ppage_multiflyer.html. Using your Rapid Strike Stealth Jumper to travel through space, you must answer multiplication problems correctly to get the coordinates of the next human outpost. You’ll receive data about the celestial locations that you visit as you travel farther from Earth. When your mission is complete, print off the final report of your multiplication strengths and weaknesses. (Disclaimer: This site now contains advertisements.)

Discover, Design, Discuss and Eye

What is design? 3d&i at www.3d-i.org answers this question with discussions and interactive games. Design simulations let you create your own logo, watch and personal explorer pod. You’ll learn about the evolution of roller skates from novelty item to sporty trend and why hip-hop enthusiasts added baggy pants to their wardrobes. Meet designers such as Zandra, who made a necklace out of a pull toilet chain. Then join a discussion about what your dream gadget would be. (This site is no longer availbale.)


What would you do if a friend didn’t do his work and asked to copy yours?


Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: What does DSL stand for? — Jason, St. Louis

Dear Jason: DSL stands for digital subscriber line. It allows data to travel through phone lines at an incredibly high speed of 6Mb/s. With DSL, you can be online and use the phone at the same time. This is possible because DSL splits the frequency of your phone wire in two. Frequencies below 4Hz are used for voice transfer while frequencies above 4Hz are used for data transfer. Go to www.dsllife.com/tutorial/faq.htm if you would like to learn more about DSL. (This site is no longer available.)

Dear Amy: How can I type in Spanish using the necessary characters? — Hector, Clint, Texas

Dear Hector: Most word processors, such as Microsoft Word, have special characters for you to use. In Word, go to “Symbol…” under the Insert tab. When you select it, a window opens displaying special characters, including letters with accents and the special version of the letter “n” that is used in Spanish. You can set up hot-keys for special characters in Word. If you use another word processor, you can download Accenter for a free trial at www.virtu-software.com/products/Accenter.asp. It turns your word processor into a Spanish or French word processor.

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