Week of March 9, 2003


Kidnetic will energize you at www.kidnetic.com. Get some friends to join you in the kitchen and try out The Recipe Roundup. You’ll learn how to make tasty edibles such as Wacky Wafflewiches, Sawed-off Thumbs and Savory School Paste. Feed your leftovers to your newly adopted Busy Buddy, which lives on your desktop. Whenever it needs more energy, just head back to Kidnetic to give it a boost. The InnerG game will help determine whether you know yourself inside and out. Shout out your opinion about health and nutrition topics on the message board. You’ll burn some calories at Kidnetic.

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Nuked Nachos are packed with what essential mineral?



Which deadly virus did European colonizers bring to the Americas?

scarlet fever


What was the name of the official art show in France during the second half of the 1800s?
Le Show
Le Salon
Commedia d'ell Arte



Atypical Adventure

Take an action-packed journey into the heart of Tropical America at www.tropicalamerica.com. This interactive, online game can be played in both Spanish and English. Begin by choosing your character, a muchacha or a muchacho. As the only survivor of a horrific massacre, you must avenge the destruction of your village. Roll your mouse over the woodcut-inspired images to figure out where to go. The game saves automatically when you exit, so take your time. (This site is no longer available.)

L'art Impressionniste

Once considered a shocking form of painting, Impressionism at www.impressionism.org will tickle you pink. Embark on a journey through 19th-century Paris, visiting cafes to gaze at pieces of art from French impressionist painters such as Degas, Monet and Renoir. Impressionist art is characterized with loose brushwork and vibrant colors, which caused an uproar among the rich patrons of an official art show. If online art reproduction doesn’t crush your pigments, take a look at the museum list for an impressionist gallery near you. (This site is no longer available.)


Do parents ever have the right to read their kids’ diaries?


Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: Are online classes available for K-12 students?
— Stephen, Joplin, Mo.

Dear Stephen: Yes, online K-12 courses do exist. For example, the Florida Virtual School, found at www.flvs.net, currently offers middle and high school courses, and it will include elementary courses in the future. Online schools are helpful for parents who home school their children because students can enroll in as few or as many courses as they desire. However, some people fear that removing kids from the classroom causes them to miss out on important peer-to-peer interaction and social learning.

Dear Amy: Do DVDs hold more data than CDs? — Diego, Bloomington, Ind.

Dear Diego: Yes, DVDs can hold more data than CDs for a number of reasons. The pits and landings in DVDs are smaller and closer together than those of CDs, giving DVDs higher storage capacity. Also, DVDs have two reflective layers, so they can actually store twice the data on one side. Some DVDs can even be burned on both sides, giving those disks the ability to store four times the data as a single-layer, single-sided DVD. You can find more about DVD data storage at www.howstuffworks.com/dvd.htm.

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