Week of January 12, 2002

So Fresh and So Clean

Brush up on your dental hygiene with Amos Alligator in Zoothland at www.zooth.com. Watch a demonstration of how to brush all of your teeth and find out how often you should do so. You'll also learn how to floss all of the little spaces between your teeth. Once your mouth is fresh, check out cool games such as Zooth Avenger and Tom's Race Car. Marvin needs your help to fight off cavities in the Cavity Castle. Send your friends digital postcards and share with them the secrets to healthy teeth. (This site is no longer available.)

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How much time should it take you to brush your teeth?

3 minutes
5 minutes
10 minutes


What vital organ releases acids to break down food?

gall bladder


What is the scientific name for the hominid skeleton known as Lucy?
Armadillo Americanus
Amarantine Allaria
pithecus Afarensis




Plastic Fork Diaries

Eating right can be difficult, so scarf down some great info about healthy edibles with Plastic Fork Diaries at www.plasticforkdiaries.org. As you tour Stockinda Middle School, you'll meet the students behind the diaries. You can take a field trip to places where foods are harvested and prepared, enjoying recipes, details about digestion and food facts. If all of this doesn't satisfy your hunger for knowledge, feed your brain with food games that are ripe and ready to be picked.

Whence We Came

Learn about Becoming Human at www.becominghuman.org. This site makes you a paleoanthropologist, a person who studies ancient humans. Donald Johanson, who unearthed the famous Lucy skeleton in Africa, takes you on a journey to discover the origins of humanity. Watch an interactive documentary and examine fossil evidence of human evolution. You'll learn about our nearest genetic relatives when you reconstruct two skeletons in the Learning Center and compare DNA patterns in Chromosome Connection.

What restrictions, if any, should be placed on file sharing?


Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: Why is file sharing such a big deal these days? -- Reed, Jefferson City, Mo.

Dear Reed: File sharing has become a hot topic recently due to the massive number of copyrighted audio and video files that people are sharing. Napster, one of the first file-sharing programs, was sued for copyright infringement by the entertainment industry. Now the entertainment industry is keeping a watchful eye on other file-sharing programs, many of which seem destined to have their day in court.

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has reached out to colleges and universities to battle file sharing among students, who are a large part of the file-sharing population. The RIAA sent letters to more than 2,300 schools, asking them to limit students' ability to use file-sharing networks to trade copyrighted material. Some schools chose to limit the amount of data that may be downloaded from students' computers while others gave a hands-off response. The Electronic Privacy Information Center wrote to these schools regarding the RIAA's request with additional information about file sharing and suggestions for approaching the issue. This letter is online at www.epic.org/privacy/student/p2pletter.html.

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