Week of September 22, 2002

Diving Deep

Go for a Dive and Discover the world on the ocean floor at www.divediscover.whoi.edu. You'll find details about recent expeditions, such as those to the Guaymas Basin and the East Pacific Rise. Each expedition was captured in exciting daily journal entries and fact-filled interviews. The DSV Alvin goes along for every trip, and it provides both you and researchers with a close look at life on the ocean floor. For Deeper Discovery, learn about plate tectonics and the Earth's anatomy. Finally, check out the findings of each expedition when you read About the Cruise.

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How long did it take to plan and organize Expedition 4?

Less than two years
Four years
More than five years


How have grizzly bears adapted to their environment?

They developed a keen sense of smell for hunting
They developed brown fur to blend in with their surroundings
They developed sharp claws for fighting off predators


The cowboy code includes honesty, integrity and what other virtue?
Plain hard work




Wildlife in the Wilderness

Our Wild Neighbors in Canada welcome you to the wilderness at www.nps.gov/aplic/forkids.htm. If you're wondering how you can help preserve wildlife, read about the six ways you can be of assistance. Wildlife Detectives can use visual clues to match animals with their habitats. An interactive Food Web allows visitors to weave the web of predators and prey. Learn how eagles and other animals rely on Adaptations to survive. Then see the animals that inhabit four Canadian Ecosystems. (This site is no longer available.)

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch...

Welcome, y'all, to the Diamond R Ranch at http://cowboykids.nationalcowboy
. Kick off your visit with virtual Tours of the Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City. When you're Explorin' Exhibits, find out about a chuck wagon, bunkhouse and Prosperity Junction. You can play three Games to help the boys get dressed in the morning, gather their belongings and make camp in the evening. Meet Zeke, Dusty Trails and the other cowboys, and learn about their responsibilities. When night falls, sing Songs with the cowboys.

Should volunteering in your community count for school credit?


Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: Why does my cell phone switch to roaming sometimes?
- Yovan, Charleston, S.C.

Dear Yovan: When you are outside of your wireless provider's network, you are roaming. That means you must use an alternate network. Because most wireless providers do not cover every square foot of North America, they form contracts with other wireless providers that cover the areas they miss. These contracts make it possible for customers to have a greater area of service. As you'll notice at http://news.cnet.com/2100-1033-276710.html, Cingular Wireless and VoiceStream Wireless made the first contract of this kind in December of 2001.

Dear Amy: I heard about a new technology called Bluetooth. What is it?
- Ricky, Phoenix

Dear Ricky: Bluetooth is a new kind of wireless technology. Devices equipped with Bluetooth technology can communicate with other such devices that are within a 30-foot radius. Most likely, Bluetooth will be used in conjuction with cell phones so that handsets can communicate with headsets, which will allow people to talk on their cell phones hands free. You can learn more about Bluetooth at the official Bluetooth Web site at www.bluetooth.com/Bluetooth/Learn. (This site is no longer available.)

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