Week of September 15, 2002

Peace May Come

Make sense of the Holy Land in Crisis at http://teacher.scholastic.com/ newszone/ specialreports/ holy_land when you read about the Current Situation between Israel and Palestine. Young People around the world share their reactions to violence in daily life and explain how they cope with the ugliness around them. Knowing Faces and Places will make it easier to understand the decisions of world leaders. Learn about the role of Religion in the Holy Land crisis. Then submit your proposal for peace. (This site is no longer available.)

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Who is Kofi Annan?

The Assistant General of the United Nations Fund
The President of the United Nations
The Secretary General of the United Nations


How many letters did Eads and his wife exchange while they lived apart?

About 250
About 200
About 300


What is the name of the newspaper that gold miners received?
Cariboo Sentinel
Cariboo Press
The Sentinel Post




Engineering Secrets

American Experience reveals the Secrets of a Master Builder at www.pbs.org/wgbh/amex/eads. This site corresponds to a PBS film that records the life and work of James Eads, a 19th-century engineer. Special Features, such as letters between Eads and his wife, are online, as well as details about Eads' jetties at the mouth of the Mississippi. The Timeline follows his path of inventions from 1820 to the present, while the Gallery holds his blueprints for the first steel bridge.

The Cariboo Gold Rush

In 1861, people from near and far were searching for gold in Canada. The Cariboo Gold Rush at www.sbtc.gov.bc.ca/culture/schoolnet/cariboo focuses on this exciting time in Canadian history. Learn about the five-month Journey that immigrants from England endured to reach North America. Then find out about the interaction between the natives and immigrants, and how Establishments & Merchants benefited from the gold rush. Finally, view the Art & Culture of this period that William Hind captured in his paintings. (This site is no longer available.)

Should schools enforce dress codes if they don't require uniforms?


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What on Earth?

So you're learning about what's happening above and inside the Earth in your geology class. Fabulous. The Web has tons of excellent sites about the strange and exciting occurrences in and above the Earth. From volcanic eruptions to tsunamis, youčll find it all online. Here are five sites that will rock your world.

Fossils, Rocks and Time

The Essential Guide to Rocks

Fallout: Eye on the Volcano

Katahdin to the Sea



(The second and third sites are no longer available.)

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