Week of August 18, 2002


Expect the unexpected on this farm. From Windmills to Whirligigs, check them out at www.smm.org/sln/vollis. Contraptions such as the band whirligig come alive when physics, art and wind are combined. While visiting the farm, Meet Vollis Simpson, the man behind the inventions. Follow a Whirlwind Tour of the farm in comic book format. Then Make Connections beyond the farm with the Camera Van and the Thinking Fountain. Finally, get blown away as you try ideas offered by students.

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If you want to make a whirligig, what does Vollis suggest starting with?

Soda pop bottles
Bicycle wheel
Beer cans


What are hoofed animals with an odd number of toes called?



What did the Canaanites add to clay to make it more pliable?
sand or water
clay or water
terracotta or sand




A Horse Is a Horse, of Course

Unearth ancient horse skeletons at the Fossil Horse Cybermuseum at www.flmnh.ufl.edu/ natsci/vertpaleo/ fhc/ FirstCM.htm. Amazing Feets uses horse toes to demonstrate how horses are related to other animals. Emperor Augustus Caesar and Lord Poseidon answer the important question "What's in a Name?" In Stratigraphy, you can find out how time hides the remains of horses. On a Sedimental Journey, you can learn how layers of rock define geographic eras. Finally, gallop to the Gallery of Fossil Horses.

Today Meets Yesterday

Be a part of Ancient Civilizations at www.penncharter.com/Student. Made by sixth graders, this site offers a look into six civilizations such as the Mayan and the Israeli. You can read about African Culture as well as Daily Life in India. Contrast China's Geography of the past to its present geography in a then-and-now format. Then dig into the facts about Mesopotamia, such as how there were three distinct Social Levels. There is detailed information about politics, Industry and much more about each civilization. (This site is no longer available.)

Would a woman make a good president? Why?


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Neuron Exercises

I am sad to say that the end of another summer break has arrived, and it's time to head back to school. After allowing your minds to rest for these few months, they may be a little slow getting back into the swing of things. To help you get those neurons warmed up and ready to fire, I have compiled a list of sites with brainteasers, puzzles, optical illusions and more. Enjoy!

Bits and Pieces

Brain Teasers


Puzzability Puzzles


(The first site is no longer available.)

Ask Amy a Question

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