Week of July14, 2002

Camp Online

Put on your hiking boots and head for World Book Encyclopedia's Cyber Camp at www.worldbook.com/cyber_camp/cyber_camp.html. This virtual camp offers many of the same activities as a real camp, except for the bugs and bears. You'll find a Nature Walk where you can learn about forest animals and the flora and fauna of the wetlands. The Craft Cabin has many project plans, from potato prints to assembling bamboo chimes. Visit the Mindbender Cave for challenging puzzles. Then try the Dining Hall's yummy recipes for honey toast and a tasty dip to restore your energy.

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What is another name for a daddy longlegs?



What is the first rule of Wendy's Seven Smart Rules?

I will not tell a stranger who I am or where I live
Me and my parents are a team
Safe distance from strangers


What area of the brain's frontal lobe is responsible for the production of speech?
Broca's area




Web Wisdom

Every kid needs a best friend on the Internet to keep him safe. Buddy up with Web Wise Kids at www.webwisekids.com to learn all about Internet safety. This informative site helps children build online safety awareness. Missing, a detective game, is designed to help kids solve the case of a missing child in a fun yet educational format. Advice for Parents educates adults about how to guide their kids' Internet activities. Wendy's Seven Smart Rules is a great set of safety tips for kids. Become a Web Wise Kid and stay safe online.

Cyber Knowledge And Emotion

Travel to CYKE at www.cyke.com and learn about emotional and physical health. You'll find exciting, interactive stories, such as A Cog Story and The Caterpillar Who Wouldn't Fly. Let Piggy, Monkey, Tripitaka and Sandy guide you when you depart from Adventure Station. Inside Castle Fairhope, you can enjoy music, magic and games about emotions and health. Both real and imaginary animals reside in the Densmore Forest. Plan to visit CYKE today.

If you could travel to any country, where would you go? Why?


Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: I have my own Web site already. How do I make it user-friendly?
-- David, Kansas City, Mo.

Dear David: One important aspect of making a user'friendly site is considering the wants and needs of your target audience, the people who will be using your site. Also, think about the information that you want to present on your site, and organize it so that it is easy to follow. An excellent site with details about making a user'friendly Web site is www.shire.net/learnwebdesign/design.htm. It has directions for beginning and advanced Web page designers.

Dear Amy: Will using a cell phone give you cancer? -- Eric, Seattle

Dear Eric: The FDA states on its Web site that "the available scientific evidence does not demonstrate any adverse health effects associated with the use of mobile phones." The levels of radiation that cell phones emit are low and are not harmful to people. Whether long-term cell phone use is harmful to people is being studied at this time. You can learn more about cell phone radiation from How Stuff Works at www.howstuffworks.com/cell-phone-radiation.htm.

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