Week of June 30, 2002


Summer is a great time to look skyward and enjoy the bright night sky. StarDate Online at http://stardate.org can be your guide to the final frontier. Become a Stargazer and acquaint yourself with Leo the Lion, Taurus the Bull and the 88 other constellations that inhabit the sky. The Beginner's Guide will tell you what to look for in the sky and what equipment you'll need. Consult the Sky Almanac for lunar phases and stargazing highlights throughout the month. Don't forget to check out the Stargazing Tip of the Day before you go outside.

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What is a zenith?

the point in the sky directly above and observer
a shooting star
a constellation in seen during the fall


Where is the "Great Catch" mission located?

the Philippines


What do the technology planet locals use springs for?
to eat food
to jump higher
to set traps




Earth Adventures With Maggie

Head to www.missmaggie. org for fun activities that will keep you informed about environmental issues. Miss Maggie's Earth Adventures are designed to educate you about problems such as air pollution and the endangerment of Earth's species. The multimedia missions will take you all over the globe and let you experience the culture of each location. You'll find games, postcards, and a gallery filled with kids' art to enjoy. Also you can find out What's New with the environment. Join Miss Maggie in the fight to save our planet.

Four Tiny Planets

Tiny Planets is filled with huge surprises at www.tiny planets.com. Bing and Bong will be your guides as you explore a galaxy filled with interactive and educational games. Start at the Home planet where you can send a Tiny Planets e-card to a friend. Next, the Technology planet will have you building cars and fixing musical walls. Then, blast off to the Nature planet for games that involve wind and the seasons. Finally, land on the Light and Colour planet where artists can create animations and experiment with shadows.

What do you do to stay in touch with friends who have moved away?


Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: How can I learn to make computer games? - Adam, San Francisco

Dear Adam: An excellent place for beginner game programmers is www.gamedev.net/reference/programming/features/davegpg. The site's creator suggests that you learn a programming language, such as C or C++, by taking a class or reading instructional books. Online tutorials can be helpful, but they don't replace a good printed resource. When you begin programming, start with simple games and work up to more complex ones. You'll also want to consider which platform your game will work on.

Dear Amy: Where can I find games for my 9-year-old brother? - Crystal, Rochester, N.H.

Dear Crystal: Many of the sites that we feature each week have fun games for kids of all ages. A couple that you and your brother can check out are Boowa & Kwala at www.boowakwala.com and FunBrain.com at www.funbrain.com. Both sites have games that are appropriate for kids of all ages. You can find other game sites at Yahooligans, a kid-safe search engine.

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