Week of May 26, 2002

D.C. Tour Guide

March to http://library. thinkquest.org/17188 and let the Washington Tour Guide take you on an interactive journey through the capital city of the United States. Whether you're planning to visit D.C. or just want to know about this city, the tour will show you the highlights of the capital. Colorful pictures and road maps give you an idea of the city's many historic sites. Journey through government buildings such as the White House and the Library of Congress. Then visit the Korean and Vietnam memorials. Hail to the red, white and blue. (This site is no longer available.)

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In what year was the Lincoln Memorial dedicated?



What does the word "toadstool" actually mean?

hopping pad
death stool
small stool


Which city is credited with the birth of the modern oil industry?
Titusville, Pennsylvania
Spindletop, Texas
Signal Hill, California




Life Science Safari

A jungle caravan awaits you at www.vilenski.org/science/safari/
where an adventure guide will take you on a Life Science Safari. It will introduce you to five types of living things, from microscopic bacteria to towering giraffes. You can go on a Cell Expedition and view the inner parts of cells where organelles such as golgi bodies and mitochondria roam free. If you're up to the challenge, sit down in the hot seat of the classification game show, "Who Wants to Be a Scientist?" Go on a wild ride through the mysteries of life. (This site is no longer available.)

Black Gold Stats and Facts

The World of Oil examines one of Earth's main energy resources at www.priweb. org/ed/pgws/index.html. You'll learn about the pinhead-sized creatures that oil comes from and about Hydrocarbon Systems. Get down to Geology Basics and learn how the Rock Cycle shapes the Earth and creates volcanoes and earthquakes. Whether you're snapping photos, going for a jog or listening to music, you're using a product made from oil. Let knowledge about oil spring from the ground at this site.

Should pop-up ads be outlawed?


Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: How do you know that a chat site is safe? -- Michelle, Orono, Maine

Dear Michelle: Choosing safe chat rooms is similar to choosing safe sites. First you should read the privacy policy of the site that hosts the chat room. Next check out the rules for using the chat room. A site with rules that protect chatters is www.kidscom.com/chat/kidschat/rules.html. It prohibits sharing personal information, using bad language and flooding the chat room in order to ensure kids' safety. Finally, if you are ever in a chat room and are not comfortable with something that's going on, you have the freedom to leave the chat room.

Dear Amy: Where can I find out about learning foreign languages online? -- James, Boston

Dear James: Check out the Free Online Language Courses at www.word2word.com/course.html where you can choose the language you want to learn about. Choose ancient languages such as Sanskrit or Latin, or modern romance languages such as Italian, French, Portuguese and Spanish. Look for the cool link to The Say Hello Project to learn how to say hello in many languages. Have fun learning. Adios, for now.

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