Week of May 5, 2002

Magic Carpet Site

Your wish is the WebGenies' command when you visit www.webgenies.co.uk. You'll find the resources you need to create a great Web site. Follow the step-by-step lessons when you're ready to Start Designing, or consult the 10 Top Tips for ideas for creating a wonderful site. Ask the Web genie to teach you HTML Basics. You can get the Latest Web News updates on popular Web sites and new technology. The Fun & Games will show you the fruits of Web work with interactive games. You won't need a magic lamp to summon the WebGenies. (This site is no longer available.)

Nominate a cool Web site at

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How many main colors should you use on your Web site?

one or two
three or four
five or six


What is "toast sweat"?

mold that gathers on stale bread
condensed steam from the heat of the toaster
water droplets that gather on bread when it is in the refridgerator


What are two foods Mae Jemison ate during her flight above the Earth?
oatmeal, chili
steak, pizza
ice cream, Tang




Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

The Cyber Toaster Museum at www.toaster.org is dedicated to the mystery and wonder of the device that makes our bread crisp. Check out the toaster's evolution with pictures from the past. In Toaster Miscellany, you'll find anything from toaster boxer shorts to toaster coloring books. Oil and water color paintings of toasters hang in the Toast(er) Art Gallery. Make sure you get to see the vintage Toaster Ad of the Month. Raise your juice glass to toast the toaster, the greatest invention to grace the breakfast table.

History's Finest Ladies

You can get to know Scholastic's outstanding Women Who Changed History at http://teacher.scholastic.
. Meet Five Amazing Women, including Rosa Parks, who fought for civil rights, and Sally Ride, the first American woman in space. There's also a special feature on Nobel Prize winner Jody Williams, who fights to rid the world of landmines. In the National Women's History Project, nominate a woman for distinction and write a persuasive essay to state your case. Or write a news story at The Earhart Gazette.

Should elementary and middle schools have graduation ceremonies?


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Growing a Garden

If you want to grow a garden but your thumbs don't have a hint of green in them, do not fear. Just consider a few basic gardening issues, and you'll be ready to dig in.

First, decide if you want a flower or vegetable garden. If you choose flowers, then decide whether you want to attract butterflies. Next, you'll want to choose a combination of perennials and annuals. You can find such information, as well as other great gardening tips, at www.kidsgardening.com. Younger kids will enjoy the My First Garden site at www.urbanext.uiuc.edu/firstgarden.

If you want to grow a vegetable garden, the first step is choosing the right vegetables. Consider growing vegetables that a lot of people like, such as tomatoes and peppers, so that you may have enough extra veggies to share with the neighbors.

Whether you choose a flower or vegetable garden, make sure to plan the location of your garden well so that your plants will get plenty of sunlight. Also, be aware of how much maintenance your plants will require. You'll want to have time to give them the TLC that they need. Happy gardening.

-- Amy

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