Week of April 7, 2002

Night Shift

If you think no one ever wants to work the Night Shift, check out the folks featured at www.pbs.org/livelyhood/nightshift. This site introduces you to nighttime workers, such as Amy. She works at the hospital while you are in dreamland. Surviving the Night isn't always easy. Find out the different ways nightshift workers keep themselves motivated. Sleep is essential for everyone, including people who work at night. The Night Shift offers advice for getting some shut-eye during the day. After viewing the site, send in your reactions and find out what other viewers have to say.

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The average shift worker gets how many hours of sleep per night?

8 hours
6 and 1/2 hours
4 hours


How did Jessica spread the word about the student mural project at her school?

phone calling
Lifesaver handouts
bulk mailings


How should you hold your fingers when you are the goalkeeper in a game of soccer?
spread wide
in a fist
held tightly together




What Are You Doing?

It's time to get off the couch, put down the remote and Do Something at www.dosomething.org. This organization encourages young people to take action against child abuse, discrimination and other flaws in society. Choose Your Cause and receive an Action Guide packed with stories about young people making a difference. Online polls ask for your opinion on current issues. Be expressive and write a poem about a cause you support or read others' poetry. No one can do everything, but everyone can Do Something.

Does the Fun Ever End?

TVOKids.com introduces you to TV in Ontario, Canada, at www.tvokids.com. It has tons of fun and educational activities for you to check out. Give the ThunderWheel a spin and test your knowledge of current events. Pinky's Work Out stimulates your mind and body with Tips & Tricks as well as a Featured Sport. Saddle up with the Reading Rangers and wrestle up some awesome books. You'll want to drop by the Studio where you can write a poem, create a Web page or build a face. This Flash site is TVO-K.

What kind of news topics do you try to be informed about?


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Springtime Fun

Spring has arrived, and warmer weather means more time outside. Flowers are growing everywhere, so take a moment to enjoy the beautiful scenery that surrounds you each day.

Animals love the flowers, especially hummingbirds. If you would like to enjoy some hummingbirds around your house, you can pick up a hummingbird feeder at your local hardware or discount store. According to www.hummingbird.org/faq.htm#feed, you should combine one part sugar and four parts water to create a sugary liquid that hummingbirds love.

If you and your family enjoy barbecuing, encourage your parents to fire up the grill. First make a list of the foods you will need for your cookout. Then head to the grocery store. You can find some great recipes to try on the grill at www.barbequerecipe.com.

No spring day would be complete without a little frolicking in the front yard. Get some friends together and drum up a good game of hide and seek, kick the can or freeze tag. Or make up your own game. Just make sure that you have lots and lots of fun. (These sites are no longer available.)

-- Amy

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