Week of September 30, 2001

Ocean Oasis

Jot down some notes from the Ocean Oasis Field Guide at www.oceanoasis.org/
. Check out the picture guides to the plants and animals living on the Baja California peninsula and the Sierra de San Francisco. From marine life to birds of flight, you can learn about more than 40 species. Swim around with the angelfish and hammerhead sharks, or take a break from the sun while resting under an elephant tree or Guadalupe palm growing in the region. You can also watch how Baja California formed through the movement of tectonic plates. Then learn how solar energy and El Niño created this ocean oasis. Become an oceanic expert today.

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Where are Pacific creolefish usually found?

Great Barrier Reef
Hawaiian Islands
Gulf of California to Peru


What do origami makers do to paper in order to make soft curves?

wet folding
reverse folding


What kind of animals are the Whats?




Warning: Entering Paper Cut Zone

Visit www.origami.as to explore Joseph Wu's Origami Page. Check out the scenic origami displays. The gallery has various animals, creatures of myth and other folded objects on display. In the Information section you can research the origins of paper folding and how it became so popular. Then learn about the preparation of washi, or handmade Japanese paper. Have fun in the fold- tastic world of origami, but be careful not to get a paper cut.

What Do You Keep In Your Noggin?

Plenty of crazy sounds, zany pictures and fun head games are waiting for you at www.noggin.com. In the Hubbub section, Noggin wants to know if you're into chatting. Make some funky noises with the Noggin radio, or exercise your literary talents in the Freeform section by creating your own poetry and stories. Then post your work on your Noggin home page. Finally, go to the Worx where you can find more fun and games than you ever imagined. This Web site is sure to keep your noggin working. (This site is no longer available.)

When you choose a movie to watch, how important are the ratings to you?

Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: What is a list server? -- Justine, Jersey Shore, Pa.

Dear Justine: A list server is a program that distributes e-mail to large groups of people. If you go to a site and decide that you want to receive its newsletter, your e-mail address is included on the mailing list for that site's list server. Listserv and Majordomo are two widely used list servers. Most list servers are used by groups to have focused conversation about particular topics. To find out more about list servers, check out Lyris, a smaller-scale list server, at www.lyris.com/solutions/listmanager.

Dear Amy: What should I do when someone bullies me? -- Lee, Syracuse, N.Y.

Dear Lee: Dealing with bullies is frustrating. Talking to the person who is bullying you may help. If you can't seem to get through, try talking with a teacher, scout leader or some other adult who knows the bully. He or she can address the issue with the other kid and help you both work out your problems. A great site for more info about dealing with bullies is www.kathynoll.com.

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