Week of September 23, 2001

Online: Wolves and Bears, Oh My!

Roar through the Grizzly Discovery Center at www.grizzlydiscoveryctr.com You'll find some of the cutest and scariest grizzlies in the wild. Meet Toby, an 800-pound bear who is over 8 feet tall when standing on his hind legs. Then get to know his friends, Kobuk and Nakina, two cuddly twin cubs. The center also has 10 gray wolves. Learn about all the wolves, from Lamar, the leader of the pack, to Lakuna, the lowest ranking female. You can also pick up some fun facts about bears and wolves at the kids page. With all of the cool images, you're sure to remember these animals. Take a trip to this Yellowstone reserve and join the pack for a day.

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Adult male grizzlies need how many square miles of habitat?

150 square miles
200 square miles
250 square miles


Eggplant is native to which countries?

India and China
Chile and Australia
France and Great Britain


When did the largest school district in the United States adopt a dress code?




How Does Your Garden Grow?

Grab your hand shovel and go to the Seeds of Change garden at www.mnh.si.edu/
. This Web site tells you all about the many food crops of the world and where they originated. In the garden section, you can find growing activities for all the seasons of the year, such as testing the soil of your garden in the spring with the chocolate cake test. This great site is sure to plant seeds of curiosity.

Fashion Forum

Check out the latest threads at www.pbs.org/newshour
. Discover the ins and outs of fashion and find out who decides what¹s cool to wear. Play the Name Game by exploring cool trends in nail polish. You can also get the latest info on school uniforms and fast food fashion or find out about color-coded hair. So put on your favorite outfit and head to the Online NewsHour Extra: Fashion.

What extra things do you do around the house to help your parents?

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Dear Amy: How did people write thousands of years ago? -- Billy, Fayetteville, Ark.

Dear Billy: Over 5,000 years ago, the ancient peoples of Mesopotamia wrote in cuneiform. The written language used pictograms, or drawings, to represent physical objects such as fish or trees. They wrote on soft clay tablets, then baked them to make their message permanent. You can view your initials in cuneiform at www.upennmuseum.com/cgi-bin/cuneiform.cgi. Have fun learning about this ancient language.

Dear Amy: I already know about Pearl Harbor. Where can I learn more about Hawaii's history? -- Jeremy, Tucson, Ariz.

Dear Jeremy: There is more to Hawaii's history than the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Historians know that people from Tahiti immigrated to the islands in the 1200s. Fur trading and whaling brought money to the islanders. Later, sugar cane became a commercial product for Hawaii, changing the islands' atmosphere forever. You can find more historical information about Hawaii at http://mano.icsd.hawaii.gov/about/history.htm.

(These sites are no longer available.)

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