Week of August 26, 2001

Serengeti: Africa's Paradise

Take a safari to one of the most beautiful spots on Earth as well as one of the most beautiful sites on the Web: Serengeti National Park at www.serengetipark.org. This dynamic Web site features breath-taking high-resolution images of the Serengeti, which includes rivers, forests, kopjes, woodlands, volcanoes and a multitude of animal life. If you put your cursor on an image in the Discover Serengeti section, the image will scroll, revealing hidden treasures in the image itself. The Magnificent Wildlife section includes info on migrations, night life, plant life and birds. Also, learn about big game and little animals, from elephants, rhinos and leopards to the elephant shrew, rhino beetle and leopard tortoise. Finally, take time to explore a real African safari. Get lost in the wilds of Africa at this magnificent site. (This site is no longer available.)

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What do lions hide on kopjes?

their mates


In the story "Art Is for Everyone," who do mother and Margaret show the drawing to?

Frenetic Freida
Tippity Witchet
Hopalong Cassidy


What is visible on both sides of U.S. paper money if you hold the bill up to a light?
invisible picture of Mount Rushmore
security strip




Chateau Meddybemps

Journey to the Island of the Meddybemps and discover an enchanted world of fun, games, learning and uncommon amusement at www.meddybemps.com. Explore a world of puzzle games, diving adventures and art, too. In the Beantime stories section, you can read about the legend of the Meddybemps, the Three Pumpkin Pirates or Edgar's Easter Eggs. This is the only site you'll find on the Web where jelly beans ripen under tropical rainbows.

Makin' Money

Catch a train to Money Central Station at www.bep.treas.gov/
. Grab a "go" ticket at the booth to enter Bucky's Fair for 5- to 8-year-olds. Explore the Portrait Studio, Whack a Buck and Funny Money games. Learn about the security features U.S. notes employ to stop counterfeiting. The Treasure Dome is for 9- to 13-year-olds and includes the games Treasure Planet, Bang for Your Buck and more. Depart on a money-making adventure today. (This site is no longer available.)

If you could pass a law, what would it be?

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Dear Amy: How does electricity flow? -- Kim, Lexington, Mo.

Dear Kim: Electricity flows when the electric charges of two bodies are not equal. Electrons flow from the body with the greater charge to the one with the lesser charge until an equilibrium is reached. This flow of electrons, called a current, is measured in amperes, or amps. Batteries and generators both produce currents, but a generator has the ability to both push and pull a current. You can find more info about electricity at http://library.thinkquest.org/

Dear Amy: What causes the seasons? -- Bill, Tampa, Fla.

Dear Bill: The seasons are caused by the Earth's tilt on its axis, as can be seen at http://csep10.phys.utk.edu/astr161/lect/time/
seasons.html. As the Earth revolves around the sun, the angle at which the Earth faces the sun changes, causing the seasons to change. From June to August, the Northern Hemisphere is tilted toward the sun, bringing summertime, while the Southern Hemisphere faces the chilly winter. By September, the angle's change makes the seasons change too.

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