Week of August 19, 2001

Voyage of the Vikings

Set sail to the Smithsonian Institute's Web site Vikings: The North Atlantic Saga. You can discover this great site at www.mnh.si.edu/vikings. Begin exploring by watching the exciting Flash introduction. Take the guided tour and trace back the Vikings' dramatic journey from their roots in Northern Europe and Greenland to their discovery and settlement of North America. Hop aboard your own ship and take the Viking voyage, making stops at Iceland, Finland and the Land of Legend. You can learn about the history, archaeology and environment of every place that you drop anchor with video and audio multimedia. Finally, enjoy the learning center where you'll find a cool online board game.

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Where was the Vikings' homeland?



Dogs' sniffing power is how many times greater than humans'?

44 times more
4 times more
144 times more


What is the diving hand signal for stop?
waving your hand
a closed fist
blowing bubbles




Calling All Agents

You don't need special clearance to get into the FBI Kids and Youth Education Page. Head over to www.fbi.gov/ kids/ 6th12th/ 6th12th.htm and learn about how the FBI searches for people, chemical explosives and illegal drugs. The FBI shares its Web safety tips for kids, so you can be a smart surfer. Be part of a drug-free America with the FBI online.

Dive! Dive! Dive!

Take a dive into Great Lakes Online at http://seagrant.wisc.edu/madison
. This site explains the ins and outs of diving, from exploring shipwrecks to avoiding decompression sickness. Experiment to see what causes the bends. Then test underwater pressure with a drinking straw and make a dive bell. You can also find the hand signals you need to stay alive underwater. Remember your scuba gear on this underwater adventure.

What good things about your country make you proud to be a citizen?

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Fun Outta The Sun

At this time of year, the weather doesn't always seem to cooperate when you want to go outside and play. Slide over to the computer and check out some Web sites for fun indoor activities. These four cool sites cover a large array of games, puzzles and other fun things to do when you can't go outdoors.


The Rainy Day Resource Page


The Puzzle Club Headquarters

(The last three sites are no longer available.)

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