Week of August 5, 2001

Singin' in the Rain forest

You won-t need an umbrella to experience the rain at the Passport to the Rainforest Web site. Head to http://passporttoknowledge.com/ rainforest and explore all the wonders of the rain forest. You'll find info about types of rain forests, their characteristics and climate, and detailed maps in the GEOsystem section. In the ECOsystem section, you can discover the many plants, animals and insects that inhabit the rain forest. Did you know that 50 percent of Earth's known species of living organisms live in the rain forest? Explore how scientists study the rain forest in the TEAMS section. Rain forests are vital to the Earth's health. Do your part to take care of Mother Earth.

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What are the three layers of the rain forest called?

Emergent Tree, Canopy, Understory
Upper Canopy, Canopy, Lower Layer
Ceiling, Middle Layer, Understory


How many genes are in each cell of your body?



Where is the code for digital cash stored?
Microchip, Pocket Card, Hard Drive
Floppy disk, Barcode, Lockbox
Password file, Internet, Bill Gates' domputer




All the OLogies

Cruise over to the American Museum of Natural History's OLogy site at www.amnh.org/ology. You can learn about the many "ologies" of science such as paleontology, astronomy and others. Have an adult help you sign up so you can collect over 100 OLogy cards and make cool projects. Then take a quiz to see how much you've learned. The Gene Scene and Meet the OLogists complete the journey through this amazing site. Dig into OLogy today.

Show Me The Moolah

Uncover the Secrets of Making Money at www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/
. Explore the anatomy of a bill and the many ways the U.S. Treasury has made it nearly impossible to counterfeit a bill. Follow the history of money from bartering to the complex paper money we use today. Go on to test your skills as a counterfeit expert and identify the fake features of a sample counterfeit bill. The value of this site is astronomical.

How old should you be in order to baby-sit?

Speak Out Here!

The Honest Scoop

Honesty is one of the most basic lessons that children learn, so why does it seem to fly out the window on the way into the chat room? Today, honesty and the Web are growing apart. Chatting behind a veil of wires, glass and miles of distance makes bending the truth easy. With the liberty to use the Web comes the responsibility to respect other users. That means telling the truth at all times.

Some kids feel they have to lie because they are afraid for their safety on the Web. But being honest on the Web does not mean having to jeopardize your safety. You can be both safe and honest.

About.com at http://kidexchange.about.com/kids/kidexchange/
has some important info and guidelines about telling the truth online and understanding what information is safe to share with others. (This site is no longer available.)

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