Week of March 25, 2001

Virtual Road Trip

Get it in gear at www.hfmgv.org/museum/index.aspx. Presented by the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village, SmartFun Online features five interactive resources. Take a tour of Greenfield Village, 81 acres of historic homes and buildings founded by Henry Ford. Then journey with a fictional family in The Model T Road Trip. Two sections focus on our nation's history. Living in Enslavement features a family in Georgia, and A Colonial Family and Community highlights a family in Connecticut. There's also a cool historical timeline featuring world events and milestones from 1750 to 1939. For a bit of history and lots of interactive fun, SmartFun Online is your place for a world of adventure.

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In 1903, where did the Wright brothers fly the first airplane?

Kitty Hawk, North Carolina
Atlanta, Georgia
Portland, Maine


Where do anteaters live?

Mexico, Central America, and South America
Africa and the Mediterranean


Who wrote the original 13 rules of basketball in 1891?
Dr. James Naismith
Dean Smith
Dick Vitale




Animals in Danger

Head to Endangered Animals, a way-cool ThinkQuest Jr. site at http://library.thinkquest.org/5394. Check out birds, mammals and water creatures such as the koko bird, jaguar and manatee. Find out what you know with the interactive quizzes in each section. You can also view the comments about the site in the guestbook. Support these kids' exceptional efforts to save animals.

March Madness

Grab a ball and dribble down the court at www.freezone.com/sports. Follow the basketball link to find the Rule Book where you can learn all about playing the game--strategy, positions, the court and ball. Then check out the challenging trivia game. For you pros out there, put on your striped shirt and play the interactive game You Be the Ref. Make a three-point shot by visiting FreeZone's sports page today. (This site is no longer available.)

What do you think about explicit lyrics warnings on music CDs?

Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: Is a clone the same as a twin? -- Chris, Jackson, Miss.

Dear Chris: Clones and twins are similar but not the same. When a sheep is cloned, DNA, the material in cells that makes living things different, is removed from a cell and is placed inside of an egg. The egg matures and develops into a lamb. Twins, on the other hand, originate from the same egg. Instead of taking the DNA from one egg and placing it into another, the original egg splits into two before maturing into two lambs. For more info, try http://library.thinkquest.org/28599/cloning.htm.

Dear Amy: What is beta testing? -- Kelly, Anchorage, Alaska

Dear Kelly: Beta testing occurs when a company is close to releasing a product, but they don't have all of the bugs ironed out yet. Companies generally test a product themselves first, then invite a few other people to test it. This is beta testing. Beta testing helps companies find out which problems need addressing before releasing that product to the public. For more information, check out www.komando.com/other/beta. (This site is no longer available.)

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