Week of March 18, 2001

Love to learn with The Learning Site

If you like games, you'll love The Learning Site by Harcourt School Publishers at www.harcourt school.com. This fun, colorful site features all your favorite subjects, from reading, math and science to health, art and social science. Each section's activities are categorized by grade level, grades one through six. The site map has links to more games and activities organized by grade level and subject matter. Two of the better sections are about art and health. The art section is filled with activities about architecture, cave paintings and relief sculptures such as Mount Rushmore. The health section has info about your brain, teeth, skeleton and the food pyramid. Whatever subject you enjoy, you'll love to learn at The Learning Site.

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What section at The Learning Site will help you boost your vocabulary?

Multimedia Grammar Glossary
Vocabulary Power Station
Writing detective


What's the name of the last great race, a 1,200-mile sled dog race held each March?

Great Alaskan Race


In what year did Malaysia gain independence from Great Britain?




Mushing in the snow

Hop on a toboggan and head north to Sled Dogs: An Alaskan Epic at www.pbs.org/wnet/nature/sleddogs. Read the amazing story of Balto, the super sled dog, whose team saved the lives of many sick children by bringing medicine all the way across Alaska. Pull on a parka and discover what it's like to take sled dogs out on the open trail. Finally, learn what it takes to be a champion sled dog.

Island Paradise

Take a virtual trip to Malaysia at www.geographia.com/malaysia. Visit the People and Places sections, and then take in some Malaysian history. You'll find colorful info about Malaysia's national parks in the Nature section. Then learn about all the activities available, such as visiting a long house, scuba diving and spelunking. Enjoy your tour of this fascinating culture.

Do you think violence in movies and television influences kids to be violent?

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Be a Techie

There's more to the Internet and the Web than your own home page. Ever wonder how the Internet got started, or just what ASCII stands for? Here are some cool introductory Web sites about the exciting world of today's technology.


Computer Science for Kids

MatMice: Free Homepage for Kids

Self-Paced Internet Tutorial

Birth of the Net

-- Amy

(The second and third sites are no longer available.)

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