Week of February 25, 2001

Land of the Pharaohs

Take a trip to ancient Egypt, one of the mightiest civilizations that ever existed. Grab your excavation tools and head for www.kent.wednet.edu/ curriculum/soc_studies/Egypt/ egypt.html. The site is divided into four sections that correspond with the historical kingdoms of Egypt. Discover hieroglyphics and the Sakkarah pyramid in the Pre -Dynastic period. Then visit the great pyramids of the Old Kingdom. The New Kingdom section is filled with facts about tombs, temples, mummies and the valleys of the kings and queens. The site has many gorgeous images, including some of King Tut's famous tomb. Ancient Egypt's fascinating monuments are a sight to behold. (This site is no longer available.)

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When was King Tut's tomb first discovered?



Which president served two separate terms?

Grover Cleveland
Benjamin Harrison
Herbert Hoover


Which shark is the fastest swimmer?
leopard shark
hamerhead shark
mako shark




Land of Liberty

Educate the USA.com at www.unitedstates-on-line.com is chock full of facts about the history of our country. Find tidbits on the lives of each of our presidents, the first ladies and vice presidents. Complete word searches on the capitals, states and presidents. Then quiz yourself on the history of our flag. Finally, read The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, documents that helped our country become what it is today. (This site is no longer available.)


Swim in shark-infested waters at www.sdnhm.org/kids/sharks. The San Diego Natural History Museum's Shark School site is the place to go to learn about sharks. What you learn can help you in the fun Fish and Games section. Dive down deep to see these scary creatures in their underwater habitat. Don't worry about getting too close. Only about 3% of sharks are considered dangerous to people.

Should cell phones, pagers and portable CD players be allowed in school?

Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: Where can I get info about streaming media? -- Lara, Logan, Utah

Dear Lara: Streaming media is one of the hottest new technologies on the Web. From music videos to live Webcams, the options seem endless. A streaming video is a compressed series of images, like the film for a movie, that are sent to you through the Net. A program is used to decompress and play the images. This allows the user to view the video as it comes to the computer instead of waiting to download an entire file. Streaming media also has sound. Check out the info and links available at www.streamingmediaworld.com (This site is no longer available.)

Dear Amy: How are metasearch engines and search engines different? -- Jeff, Eugene, Ore.

Dear Jeff: As the Web grows, it gets harder to find the sites we really want. Search engines help us by doing all of the legwork. When they don't find exactly what we need, metasearch engines like www.metacrawler.com use other search engines to find sites, giving you over twice the number of sites as you found using regular search engines. As with all searching on the Web, be sure to be guided by a parent or adult. (Disclaimer: This site now contains advertisements.)

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