Week of January 28, 2001

Japan for Kids

Take a virtual journey to Japan at the fabulous Web site, "Kids Web Japan" at http://web-jpn.org/kidsweb. The site is offered in eight different languages. Explore modern Japanese life in the "Daily Life," "Schools" and "Economy and Industry" sections. Then jump into the past and take a look at Japan's history. Learn about the regions of Japan as well as its rich traditions and cultures. The site also offers a Japanese language lab, a Japanese cookbook for kids, and cool folk legends. Examine a Japanese calendar and see what kind of holidays Japan celebrates. Be sure to check out the "Welcome to Our School" section, which features four schools in Japan. "Kids Web Japan" presents a kid's-eye view of this fascinating island nation.

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What's the population of Japan?

30 million
120 million
60 million


Where was the dinosaur egg named Baby Louie found?

Nanyang, China


Why is it important to get a license for your dog?
because a license looks cool
so a lost dog can be found faster
so you have a place to attach a leash





If you've ever wondered about the reality behind the movie "Jurassic Park," take a look at National Geographic's "Dinosaur Eggs" at www.nationalgeographic.
. Follow in the footsteps of fossil hunters to see where they find real dinosaur eggs. Then virtually hatch the eggs along with the scientists. Next, see a 3-D model of what the dinosaurs might have looked like. Finally, learn more by visiting the online dinosaur egg museum. (This site is no longer available.)

Kids' Best Friend

Grab your dog and a leash and head to "How to Love Your Dog: A Kid's Guide to Dog Care" at www.loveyourdog.com/ tricks.html. This huge site offers tips on training and feeding your dog, teaching your dog tricks and caring for older dogs. You can also submit stories and poems about your dog. There's even a section for dog-lovers who don't currently have a dog. You'll love this site almost as much as you love your dog.

Should all students be required to participate in science fairs?

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Dear Amy: How do I cite a Web page in my bibliography? -- Jay, Natick, Mass.

Dear Jay: The MLA Handbook and similar resources offer citation styles for Web pages. The most common items that appear in a Web page citation are author; title of Web page or article; title of magazine, newspaper or encyclopedia; when the page was created or last updated; name of the group or association that sponsors the site; date you used the site; and the complete URL. Find out more at www.geocities.com/Athens/Troy/8866/12biblio.html. (This site is no longer available.)

Dear Amy: What are browser skins? -- Jeff, Vancouver, British Columbia

Dear Jeff: The TechTV site describes skins as a "shirt that your browser wears." A skin lets you give your browser a little attitude of your own. Partial skinning changes only your browser's toolbar, while full skinning adds the skin to floating menus and hot-keys. Netscape has skins, or themes, online at http://home.netscape.com/themes. For skins that work with both Netscape and Internet Explorer, check out www.hotbar.com. (These sites are no longer available.)

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