Week of January 21, 2001

Krazy for Kindle Park

Pack your lunch and head to Kindle Park at www.kindlepark.com This site offers rich -media games and activities for 2 - to 6 -year -olds and their parents. Sign in as a guest to join Teaser the Fox and all the gang for tons of fun at home in the Activity Zone. Then explore Playground Wonder. You can read or listen to a book in Storyland. Learn to tell time with Kindle Spindle. Or make your own drawings at the Craft Shack. You can also sing along with songs at the Calliope. Be sure to visit the Fun Fair, too. You can listen to the characters' stories at Bella's Theatre. And for some good fun, you can dress Teaser for a party or for playing sports. You can also tickle Teaser with a feather. Each of the games comes with a handy learning guide for parents. Have a wonderful time at Kindle Park. (This site is no longer available.)

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Where at KindleParkcan you paint a picture and post it in the gallery?

Craft Shack
Fun Fair


When did the Persians use horses to help deliver messages over long distances?

3rd century, B.C.
1st century, A.D.
5th century, B.C.


What food do the Ingalik Athabaskans rely on most?




Horsing Around

Gallop out to the PBS Nature feature "Horses" at www.pbs.org/wnet/nature/
3153. "What Is a Horse?" covers the evolution of horses. Did you know that 50 million years ago, horses were the size of foxes? "Riding to Freedom" looks at the role of horses in the Paralympics games, helping disabled athletes compete in equestrian events. "Horsepower" covers the fascinating role of horses in the military and for work. Whatever your interest in horses, this site will have you champing at the bit. Trot on over today.

The Wilds of Alaska

Explore the wilds of Alaska at the great ThinkQuest Web site, "Natives of the Midnight Sun." Grab your skis and head for http://library.thinkquest.org/26020. The site chronicles the lives of Alaskan natives. Read traditional stories and interviews with people from Bettles and Hughes, Alaska. View photos of this beautiful land and learn about Mount McKinley, the highest peak in North America. Enjoy your journey to the land of the midnight sun.

Should art, music and other creative classes be required in school?

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A Web of Science

As the school year progresses, it's time to turn our thoughts to that yearly event, the science fair. To get you started, here are a few general science Web sites.

Mad Sci Network

Kids World 2000: Science Around the World
http://now2000.com/kids/science.shtml (This site is no longer available.)

Chemical Elements.com

The Franklin Institute Online

Fact Monster: Science

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