Week of January 7, 2001

Middle School Technology At Its Best

Congratulations to Harris Middle School in Shelbyville, Tenn., www.4Kids.org's Cool School of the Month. The school's vast Web site at www.bedfordk12tn.com/education/school/school.php?
is maintained by sixth-grade teachers Ms. Betsy Norris and Ms. Donna Brock. It supports the school's efforts to integrate technology into every subject matter. Check out the student-created projects, a collection of student Web pages. Or visit the multimedia projects for student-created Power Point presentations, part of an extensive year-long project. There's also a fabulous collection of teacher lesson plans. Congratulations, Harris Middle School. Enjoy your 4Kids award pack.

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How many poetry lessons are on the Harris Middle School Web site?



In the Density Lab, the 99-gram blue triangle will float at what density of water?



In what year did the state of Idaho join the union?




Shocked Science

At ExploreScience.com, you'll find more than 40 hands-on multimedia experiments that use the Shockwave plugin. Point your browser to www.explorescience.com. There are eight categories, from Building Blocks and Mechanics to Optics and Astronomy. Learn how to make a six- or eight-sided snowflake. Or find out how planets orbit the sun with the Orbit Simulator. You can also test water weight in the Density Lab. To know which experiment is for you, all the activities are marked for grade-level. Enjoy this truly fascinating way to explore science. (Disclaimer: This site is now included in www.explorelearning.com.)

Stories of America's Past

History buffs will love the Library of Congress Web site, America's Story at www.americaslibrary.gov. You can meet amazing Americans, such as Abraham Lincoln or Thomas Edison. Or jump back in time to Colonial America or the Gilded Age. Read up on stories about each state in the union. You can also hear songs from America's past in the multimedia section, "See, Hear and Sing." America's rich traditions are captured at this fun Web site.

How old should kids be to be allowed to date?

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Thanks For The Stuff

The holidays are over. That means we don't have to think about presents or gifts for another year, right? Wrong. Sure, the holidays may be finished for a while, but now it's time to thank all of the people who gave us presents. Instead of using the same old cards that your mom has been using for the past three years, send some awesome ones of your own. You can make your own cards or buy some funky ones at the store.

In this digital age, online greeting cards are also a big hit. Surf the Web for e-cards for all occasions. One of my favorites is ForWorld.com's Greeting Cards at www.forworld. com/greetingcard/thank_you.html. When you write your message, give it that personal touch. Be sure to mention the gift you received. That lets Uncle Ralph know you really do remember the cheese log he sent you. It also shows him that you took the time to write a special message just for him. The sooner you write your thank -yous, the better. (This site is no longer available.)


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