Week of December 10, 2000

Terrific Technology at Pebble Creek

Congratulations to Donna Myrick, technology facilitator at Pebble Creek Elementary School, College Station, Texas, www.4Kids.org's Teacher of the Month. Ms. Myrick has been teaching at Pebble Creek since the school opened five years ago. She runs the computer labs and maintains Pebble Creek's Web site at http://mail.csisd.org/~pc. The Web site boasts teacher-created lesson plans, "WOW Web pages" created by students and much more. Pre-K to 4th-grade students learn keyboarding skills from Ms. Myrick and are exposed to HyperStudio and ClarisWorks slide shows. Of the students' enthusiasm, Ms. Myrick says, "It's unbelievable. We learn as much from the students as they do from us." Congratulations, Ms. Myrick. Enjoy your 4Kids award pack.

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What is the school mascot for Pebble Creek Elementary School?

Pebble Creek Panther
Pebble Creek Puma
Pebble Creek Pig


Eagle vision is how many times sharper than human vision?

four times
two times
ten times


Which girl is the fashion designer in the weekly toon, "The Magique Trunk"?




Soar With the Eagles

Spread your wings and head to the American Bald Eagle Information Web site at www.baldeagleinfo.com Check out the bald eagle history section, and then learn all about eagle feathers, eye sight, migration, feeding habits and much more. Take a peek at the story of how the eagle became America's national emblem. Also, don't forget to look at all the beautiful photos of eagles. This is one site that will make you soar.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Get ready for some all-girl fun. Logon to 100% Girls at www.100percentgirls.com. Check out the cool weekly toon, "The Magique Trunk." Then send postcards, join a club or take a poll at "Girlfriends." You can also write your own stories or letters on stationery just for girls. And with an adult's help, you can chat with other girls in a supervised chatroom. 100% Girls is 100% rockin'. You go, girl! (This site is no longer available.)

Should parents limit the amount of television that kids watch?

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Dear Amy: What is MAPI and what is it used for? --Robert K., Mesa, Ariz.

Dear Robert: MAPI (Messaging Application Programming Interface) is a program that allows applications, such as word processors, to send a document through e-mail without having to attach it to a message. It also allows files to be converted so that multiple systems can read them. MAPI is used with e-mail applications like Eudora. The Eudora MAPI FAQ at www.eudora.com/developers/mapi.html offers much more info. (This site is no longer available.)

Dear Amy: What is a "screenager"? Is it a kind of computer bug?--Jan M., Winchester, Ky.

Dear Jan: "Screenager" is a name given to young people who probably know more about technology than their teachers. Douglas Rushkoff coined the term in 1997. He says that young people who have been exposed to technology for most of their lives are destined to be heads and shoulders above their elders in technology know-how. I found this info at World Wide Words at www.worldwidewords.org, a great resource for definitions of new and obscure words.

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