Week of November 19, 2000

Native Americans--North, South, East, West

The Carnegie Museum of Natural History offers an amazing Web site: American Indians and the Natural World at www.carnegiemnh.org
. The site offers glimpses into four regional tribes or clans. To the North are the Tlingit of the Northwest, a coastal tribe in southwest Alaska. To the South are the Hopi of the Southwest, an enduring people. To the East are the Iroquois of the Northeast, foresters and steel workers. And to the West are the Lakota of the Plains, sky-worshippers. The site examines the belief systems and philosophies that guide Indian people's interactions with the natural world. Enjoy your journey into these amazing cultures. (This site is no longer available.)

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What kinds of things do Tlingit men carve from wood?

whistles and statues
duck calls
totem poles, canoes, face masks


How long does it take the planet Neptune to revolve around the sun?

2 earth years
40 earth years
164.79 earth years


According to the legend "Big Turtle," why do we have earthquakes?
The turtle gets tired and changes position
The turtle rolls over in his shell
The turtle dances a jig.




Cosmic Kids

Put on your moon boots and take off to www.cosmikids.com. This space site, part of the Cosmiverse Web portal, has cool photos of planets and space missions.You'll also find great space games and a reference library. Find out about constellations you can actually see at YourSkyTonight. Finally, if you have questions, be sure to ask an astronomer at the Astronomer link. Cosmikids is one Web site that is definitely out of this world. (This site is no longer available.)

Animal Tales

Join Oban, Agor and Sanjit for some exciting myths and legends that will knock your tails off. Animals, Myths and Legends has more than 30 stories at http://members.ozemail.com.au/~oban. Find out "How the Bear Lost His Tail" or "How the Hummingbird Got Its Hum." Other legends include "How the Sky Came to Be" and "Why There Are Clouds." With help from an adult, you can submit your own legend and win a prize. These tales are sure to please.

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Social Studies Homework Help

Whenever I have to do a social studies report, I wonder where to start. Social studies covers so many topics: history, geography, cultural studies and more. Here are some social studies Web sites so you have a place to start.


Learning@Web.Sites: Social Studies/History Department

Social Studies for Teachers and Students--U.S.

Discovery School's A-to-Z History

Discovery School's A-to-Z Geography

(The last four sites are no longer available.)


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