Week of November 5, 2000

Pleasant News at Pleasant Grove

Congratulations to Pleasant Grove Elementary School, a K-5 public school in Stockbridge, Ga., www.4Kids.org's Cool School of the Month. All 625 students work on computers at the library each week, according to Mrs. Prager, the school's media specialist, who designed the school's excellent Web site at www.henry.k12. ga.us/pges. She also developed the Kids News Network (KNN), a weekly news magazine show aired across the school's video system. Students in SAGE, a gifted education class, produce KNN with the help of Mrs. Prager and the SAGE teacher, Mrs. Alderman. Sarah, KNN's technical director, says that her KNN work is a "challenge" but she adds, "I look forward to Thursdays," the day she works on KNN. Austin, KNN's technical coordinator, says KKN is "lots of work, but when one of the anchors messes up it's lots of fun." This is one school where technology is making the news. Congratulations, Pleasant Grove. Enjoy your 4Kids award pack.

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How many fifth-grade students are part of Pleasant Grove Elementary School's KNN news team?



Where does the "Kangaroo Confusion" game take place?

Tail Terrace
Snout Square
Paw Park


Where did Melanie Summit get her microbe samples?
the north pole
the ocean floor
the equator




Sticky Fingers?

Grab your little brother or sister, warm up your Shockwave plugin and head to Game Goo at www.cogcon.com/gamegoo. Game Goo has colorful characters and slick, animated language arts games for kindergartners and 1st- and 2nd-graders. Try the Alien Scavenger Hunt Letter Bugs or the Paw Park Alphabet Bears. Second-graders will love the Wizards and Pigs Poetry Pickle. So turn up the sound on your computer, and get ready for "learning that sticks" at Game Goo. (This site is no longer available.)

Scientists At Sea

The sea has been called Earth's last frontier. And some remarkable women are learning all about it. Take a deep-sea dive at www.women
. This site is devoted to women's contributions to marine science. You'll find stories about the scientific careers of five women as well as cool pictures from their travels. Thinking about a career in oceanography? Find out all about it from these dedicated women.

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Here's to Good Cheer

At the start of the winter months, you look outside and see the cold, gray weather and things just don't seem to be as cheery as they were a few months ago. It's too cold to play outside, and when you decide to go somewhere, it seems as if the car takes forever to get warmed up. As the dreary weather starts getting you down, you ask yourself, "How can I cheer myself up?"

Doing things for other people is an excellent way to improve your own mood. Check out "The Teenager's Guide to the Real World" at www.bygpub.com/books/tg2rw/ volunteer.htm for some cool info about volunteering. You might also try a daily exercise routine to boost your metabolism and help you stay upbeat. This will give you more energy and help you to have a more positive attitude.

If your personal weather is still a little gray, get some friends together for a fun evening of silly movies and your favorite foods. And remember, a smile is a great pick-me-up anytime.


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