Week of October 15, 2000

Enhanced from Gen-y to Gen-X

Congratulations to Shannon Coldren, a junior at Wichita North High School and former GenY student, www.4Kids.org's first TeenTech of the Month. The GenY program pairs students and teachers to help integrate technology into the curriculum. Shannon's GenY teacher, Ms. Limon-Lowderman, says Shannon is an "active, well-rounded student." Shannon worked with Ms. Kean on the North Science Enhancement Project--a Web site about the North High science program at www.feist.com/ ~sfredin/ science/ index.html. Now a GenX, a graduate of the GenY program, Shannon provides technology help to "the GenY students and all the teachers." Learn more about the GenY program at www.genyes.org/genwwwy. Way to go, Shannon. Enjoy your 4kids award pack. (These sites are no longer available.)

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How many computers can a CyberSurfari family team play on at one time?



Which math category offers the most challenges?



What medical center did Wichita's North High team up with?
Wichita VA Medical Center
Holy Cross
St. Francis




Surfin' Surfari

Get your mouse ready for the fall CyberSurfari 2000 campaign. This kid-safe Internet Treasure Hunt features the best kid sites on the Web. Play as a school team, as a family or by yourself to compete for weekly, milestone or cash prizes. Win awards for finding the most of 100 treasures or for finding them the fastest. The fall contest starts Oct. 20 and ends March 15, 2001. CyberSurfari is run by the Children's Web-Surfing Alliance, devoted to the educational development of online navigation skills. Surf over to www.cybersurfari.org today and get wet on the Net! (This site is no longer available.)

Figure it Out

If you are into challenges, or just need a little extra practice with your math, then Figure This! Math Challenges for Families is for you. Get out the calculator and add it up at www.figurethis.org Funded by the U.S. Department of Education and the National Science Foundation, Figure This! has 22 problems in all for you to try. You can choose from the Challenge Index, or consult the Math Index to pick exactly which kind of math you want to practice. Add this fun and challenging Web site to your favorites today.

What would you do if school closed for a day?

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Math Mania

Math is one of my favorite subjects, but it can be very difficult at times. Here is a list of sites to help you with your math homework this year.

GoMath.com On-Line Math Help

Ask Dr. Math

Mathline--(Show this one to your teacher.)

A+ Math

The Math Forum Internet Mathematics Library

Happy calculating!


(The first and third sites are no longer available.)

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