Week of October 8, 2000

Study with Schooligans

Today's high-tech teachers know what their students need to succeed. Ms. Donna Girard, a middle school computer literacy teacher in Bow, N.H., is no exception. She's exceptional and she's www.4Kids. org's first Teacher of the Month. Ms. Girard created Schooligans.com at www.bownet.org/dgirard. This vast resource offers over 40 categories of kid-safe links, everything from art and drama to rules and safety. Ms. Girard teaches over 600 students at Bow Memorial School, grades 5 to 8. She enjoys the enthusiasm of middle school students for technology: "They get so excited about using the Internet. That's what makes it fun." Congratulations to Ms. Girard. Enjoy your 4Kids award pack.

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What zoo did Jack become director of in 1978?

San Diego Zoo
St. Louis Zoo
Columbus Zoo


What is light composed of?




Animal Magnetism

You've seen him on television. Now you can visit Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures on the Web at www.jackhanna.com. Follow his adventures to Alaska and to Africa by viewing the Web episodes. Then monkey around a bit at the Kid's Lair. You can take an animal quiz or ask Jack a question. Be sure to download Jack's picture, too. Learn all about Jack's life and his dedication to the wild world of animals.

See for Yourself

Sight is often said to be our most precious sense. Learn all about sight and optics at the extra- ordinary ThinkQuest site, "Sighting the First Sense--Seeing Is Believing" at http://library. thinkquest.org/C001464. Explore the anatomy of the eye. Then trick your sight with some perception exercises. Then, check out the "Light" section to learn all about the physical characteristics of light. As far as this "sight" goes, the "eyes" have it. (This site is no longer available.)

What do you do to make new kids at school feel welcome?

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Dear Amy: I want to learn C++. Is there a language easier than C++ that I can learn first? --John B., Olive Hill, Ky.

Dear John: For a first-time programmer, C++ is probably a little more than you want to learn. Most programmers begin by learning Pascal. It is older and rarely used in the business world, but Pascal is a great beginner's language. Java is also good to know. It is simpler than C++ and allows you to make applets. You can find more information about C++ at http://akpublic.research.att.com/~bs/C++.html. Good luck learning!

Dear Amy: Is there a place on the Web that can help me plan a trip? --Jared, Flagstaff, Ariz.

Dear Jared: The Web is a great place to go if you want to plan a trip. I recommend starting at www.cybertrip.com. There you will find lots of destination ideas, both in the United States and across the globe. The travel kit has resources to help plan your trip, from checking the weather to exchanging currency. And if you are worried about making traveling arrangements, don't fret. They have that taken care of as well. Wander over to Cybertrip.com--an adventure awaits you. (Disclaimer: This site now contains advertisements.)

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