Week of Sept. 17, 2000

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Hey, do you have a friend or sibling who teachers look to as a technology leader? Are you a computer guru? Nominate kids and teens at www.4Kids.org/ nominations for 4Kids' KidTech or TeenTech of the Month. Starting in October, www.4Kids.org will feature a new hi-tech kid each month. For the kind of tech wizard 4Kids is searching for, check out the KidSpeak article, "By a Kid, for a Kid!" by 14-year-old Webmaster David Lindsay at www.4teachers.org/ kidspeak/ david/ quickneasy.shtml The selected nominee and the person who nominated the 4Kids KidTech or TeenTech of the Month will receive a 4Kids T-shirt! What are you waiting for? Submit your nomination at the www.4Kids.org Web site today!

Nominate a KidTech or TeenTech at www.4Kids.org/nominations

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What's the name of David Lindsay's latest book?

Be a Web Guru
Sit, Ubu, Sit!
Dave's Quick and Easy Web Pages


In the Kids Wing, what does the middle button in the bottom row say in "More Dots"?

hey there!


How many categories are there in the "Subjects" section?




Interactive Art Experience

There are few museums as fun as this one. The Museum of Web Art is the place for online art exhibits and musical stories. Let Kendra lead you on a guided tour. In the Visitor's Center, docents are ready to direct you to any part of the museum you would like to see. In the Kids Wing, Dot will show you exciting activities, such as online modeling clay and the polychromatic millipede. Find sensational interactive art and more at www.mowa.org.

Q & A Web Style

Here are answers to all your questions. At www.letsfindout.com you'll find lots of info in this kids' encyclopedia. Check out all the subjects, from America and Arts to Space and Sports. Or choose Browse All for a complete alphabetical list of the brief, informative articles. You also can search the site to find exactly what you're looking for. For a little fun time, check out the Cool Sites section for games and brainteasers. You'll find the answers to all your questions at Letsfindout.com. (This site is no longer available.)

What kind of recycling do you do?

Speak Out Here!

Homework, Already?

It's that time of year, boys and girls, when the homework piles up. Be ready for this school year with these quality homework helper Web sites.

BJ Pinchbeck Homework Help


Education Resources Homework Help

The Kids on the Web: Homework Tools


Have a successful school year.


(The third and fifth sites are no longer available.)

Ask Amy a Question

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