Week of Sept. 3, 2000

Is Your School Cool?

Does your school have a cool Web site? Do your school's students help plan and publish your school's home page? If they do, nominate your school today at www.4Kids.org/ nominations. Starting in October, www.4Kids.org will feature a Cool School every month. Cool Schools publish creative Web pages and use amazing technology in the classroom. Your school should involve students in the creation of those fun Web pages. For an example of the kind of school www.4Kids.org is looking for, check out the Edlines article about Benson High School in Omaha, Neb., at http://edlines.hprtec.org. Featured Cool Schools will receive a 4Kids School Pack which will include 4Kids goodies such as a 4Kids T-shirt, mousepads and pens. Also, the person who nominates that Cool School will receive a 4Kids T-shirt. So what are you waiting for? Nominate your Cool School today! (The second site is no longer available.)

Do you know of a Cool School? Nominate it at www.4Kids.org/nominations

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What is Benson High School's mascot?

The Mighty Bunnies
The Horned Toads
The Krazy Kangaroos


Who lives in the Amazon now?



What do the rings on the Olympic flag symbolize?
The Oceans
Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and America
The closest planets to Earth




Amazing Amazon

Amazon Interactive lets you travel to the deepest parts of the Amazon without setting foot in the forest. Swing to www.eduweb.com/ amazon.html. Learn about the geography of the rainforest and who lives in it. Play the Ecotourism Simulation Game in which you can work to conserve the rainforest while leading a tourism group. When you finish, you'll be an Amazon expert. (Disclaimer: This site now contains advertisements.)

Olympic Fever

The Sydney 2000 Olympics are just days away. Follow the historic coverage on the Web at www.olympic.org. There's a special kids section just for you. You can learn about science, technology and the Olympics at the Technozone. Or check out the environment in the Greenzone. Join the Olympic joke jam and Ask Millie a question about the Olympics at the Worldzone. Also, check out the main site's History section. The Olympics start Sept. 15, so tune in soon.

What do you look forward to most in the upcoming school year?

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Back to School

If you love the summer as much as I do, then the start of a new school year probably makes you as happy as if a bee had just stung you. But a new school year can be exciting.

Shop for new clothes: Check out fashions for Generation Z kids at www.zutopia.com. (This site is no longer available.) Then shop for some things you like. Of course, if mom and dad are paying, you might have to do a little negotiating.

Shop for new school supplies: Get that new notebook you've had your eye on. You might want to get some pencils and paper while you're at it. I've heard that most teachers require them.

New schools: Some people get to go to new schools, make new friends and meet new teachers. Get used to repeating your name because your teacher is probably going to have a difficult time remembering it for a few days.

Friends: Now that everyone is going back to school, you will have a lot more time together. Just try to keep the chatting to a minimum during class.

I am excited to start my new school year, and hope you all are too. Make it a great one!


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