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For curious kids who can't get enough of news, science, sports and music, CBC4Kids is ground zero on the Net. Brought to you by the Canadian Broadcasting Corp., this cool Web site is transmitted on the Internet at www.cbc.ca/kids. At the LAB-oratory, future scientists can take a trip into space, meet some famous inventors, or gaze into the stars through the Hubble Space Telescope. For music fans, the Music section delivers way-fun activities, such as the Sound Bar Jukebox and Name That Classical Tune. You'll also find out about young performers who enjoy careers in classical music. And in the News and Sports section, you'll get the latest stories as well as learn how to read and write a newscast of your own. Plus, the Homework Helper shows you how to find stuff on the Internet for your latest assignment. And if you think you're a real news guru, then take the What's News Quiz to test your knowledge. At CBC4Kids, you're always on the air.

Get Interactive With a focus on fun, Cyberkids.com delivers a smorgasbord of cool kids' activities. By visiting www.cyberkids.com you'll find a universe of great games, including Amoeba Madness, Aussie Surf Classic, Castlemouse 2000 and Web Hockey. Be sure to swing by the Funny Bone section for jokes, comics and animations. Or check out the Daily Factoid for brain teasers and fun trivia. Looking to reach out to a long-lost buddy? The site lets you send nifty digital postcards to all of your pals. If you're a budding writer or artist, you'll love the Creative Works section, where you can submit your stories, poems, drawings and more. Or become an online sleuth, and try solving the Case of the Costumed Thief. Best of all, CyberKids.com is loaded with way-cool downloads, from a chocolate-bar screensaver to a Dracula font. Let the games begin! (Disclaimer: This site now contains advertisements.)

Smiling with the Smilestones
Why do you have to brush your teeth? If you don't, you're going to end up like Danny Decay, one of the Smilestone friends. Visit Smilestone Island at www.thesmilestones.com. In the village, you can check out their bedrooms and find things that the Smilestones love to play with. Then head over to Smilestone Fun Park to learn a little more about everyone. Trek up the hill to visit the queen's castle. There you can meet Angus, the new tooth fairy. Watch out, though, that you don't get caught in the swamp of Sharky, the Plaque Shark. He and his little dog, Nasher, will do anything to get to your pearly whites. Grab your toothbrush and paste and bring along your imagination as you journey to visit The Smilestones.

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Be a 4Kids Detective

When you know the answers to the questions below, enter your answers. If you are correct, you will become a "4Kids Detective of the Week." If a question is not answered it is considered wrong. Good luck.

1. Who are the sidekicks to Sharky, the Plaque Shark?

the Tartar Twins
the Gummy Bears
the Brushabees
2. CBC "Time" says Canada's birthday is on what date?
July 1st
August 1st
September 1st
3. For cyberkids, how did 22 Marines Make a Wish come true?
Held a parade
Helped 5-year old Tyler Willis become a marine
Saved fluffy the dog from a fire

Ask Amy
Dear Amy: How do I change the color of the letters when I write instant messages?--Taylor, Weston, Fla.
Dear Taylor: There are many different brands of instant messenger programs. But most of them work in basically the same way. In AOL's popular Instant Messenger, there is a button with the letter "A" on it. If you push that button, a color palette comes up. Then you can choose whichever color you want your text to appear in. For more information about AOL's Instant Messenger, check out http://products.aim.com. And remember, if you ever feel uncomfortable when you chat, let a parent or adult know right away. Have fun.

Dear Amy: Do you know a good Web site where I can learn what HTML tags mean?--Tim, Austin, Texas
Dear Tim: Many Web sites that try to teach people how to use HTML neglect to point out what all those tag abbreviations mean. However, Willcam's Comprehensive HTML Cross Reference site at www.willcam.com/cmat/html/crossref.html explains all those meanings as well as shows you an example of how to use the tags. It also cross references how the tags work in different Web browsers, particularly Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. Enjoy learning HTML.

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